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Visitor Comments - Four Wynds' Guestbook

Food is really good here and the rooms are very clean.
DV (aged 21)

I really enjoyed hearing about Hadrian’s Wall story from Nigel.
(MV aged 26)

Nigel made us feel at home.
(MV aged 50)

Food is representative of the region, high quality; and the guest house compliments the outdoor scenery; there are options for non-meat eaters.
AV aged 50, and AG aged 26)

This was a great choice and I would come back any time…Thank you, Nigel, for a great experience
MV aged 20)

  Peel Crags

All the above comments are from a six people party, a Mexican family, travelling from London to Edinburgh who stayed for two nights. Dated - 29th December 2009 (their last day with us).

Thanks, Nigel and Catherine, for a couple of lovely days enjoying the hospitality of you and the people of this region. Walking on the Wall was a great reminder of how beautiful our countryside is. Hope to see you in the future when we complete Hadrian’s Wall.
BS and RW - 4th November 2009

A great visit. Thanks Nigel for a great welcome. A cosy room, lovely breakfast and very helpful! Hope to be back in the future.
LW from Northern Ireland - 6th November 2009

Very lovely!
D and G Dixon from W. Yellowstone, MT, USA - 10th October 2009

Lovely stay, very welcoming and a great breakfast!
C. Cooke

Very hospitable stay, welcome lift to the pub
M from Worcester
Welcoming and friendly, and a lift to the pub!
R. from Worcester

Thank you so much for all your kindness and patience. Lovely, comfy, friendly, place to stay complete with an excellent  taxi-driver at our beck and call with an in-depth local knowledge. Couldn’t have been better! 
R and S D from Stratford-on-Avon

Lovely welcome break from the hills and rain – the food was great and we had a good night, despite the wind picking up a lot! Thank you very much.
A and CP - 22nd September 2009

Thank you for this lovely stay! After the drama of this day’s walk reaching Four Wynds was like a sort of safe haven! I especially appreciated the sandwich and the laundry – it feels so much better to set out clean today. Thanks a lot!
EA from Innsbruck, Austria 19th September 2009

We had a good stay. The breakfast was especially good and we enjoyed the area.
The B Family from Hampshire, 15th September 2009

Coming from Germany to walk along Hadrian’s Wall, we felt at home in your B&B. Thank you for the familiar atmosphere, for taking us to the pub and back, for organising our next night accommodation, thank you for all! 
F.Helgrid from Germany – 15th September 2009
….I also liked the stay at your nice home very much and say thank you and good luck!  
H, Helgrid from Germany -15th September 2009

Thank you for a very comfortable stay. A pleasant, clean and tidy B&B, with a most welcome feel. Thank you, Nigel, for making us feel at home and also taking and collecting us from the local pub/restaurant.
J and R - 13th September 2009

We had a good stay. It is a very beautiful town and a great establishment. I love the large breakfast.
G and D - 12th September 2009

Very nice stay and cracking breakfast. Thank you.
R and D - September 2009

Thanks for the welcome and the great breakfast. Best wishes to you and the family.
T and L and I - 10th September 2009

Thanks for making us feel so welcome last night and for the hearty and delicious breakfast this morning. Your location is very convenient for the Pennine Way and therefore fine for those of us with wet feet!
The S Family - 5th September 2009

Thanks so much for your warm welcome and kindness, particularly driving us to The Wallace Arms (wonderful old pub with great food) and on a miserable, wet morning coming to our rescue with transport to Carlisle. Much appreciated. Yummy breakfast! We will let other walkers know Four Wynds is a great place to stay.
JT, Adelaide from Southern Australia and V. Nottingham from Stroud, Gloucestershire - 3rd September 2009
A truly warm and helpful welcome on a rainy day. This is something you hope for and you really get with Nigel! I recommend him to all other walkers I’ll meet.
A and D, from Ghent in Belgium - 2nd September 2009

Thanks so much for a very relaxing evening – the lift to the pub was much appreciated after 17 miles of walking!!! Lovely breakfast too, all in all a great stop on the Pennine Way.
H and AM - 30th August 2009

A rare example of the website being true – real welcome, terrific breakfast (esp. toast from homemade bread and perfect poached eggs – that’s not to mention delicious sausages and bacon) – and some really thoughtful help to make the most of our time here – thanks very much, Nigel.


Thank you too for dropping us at various convenient places for walking and dinner – made it feel like we’d walked twice as far but still with energy left over, and great conversation. We will recommend!
E and J -  28th August 2009

Nice break, excellent breakfast. Nigel is a mine of info. Comfy room. Returning relaxed to West Yorkshire. Thanks.
PW staying with us from 23rd to 26th August 2009

Life saver! Best night’s sleep, best breakfast and best hospitality on the Pennine Way! Thanks, Nigel.
L and B and A from Bakewell, Derbyshire - 18th August 2009

My birthday weekend at Four Wynds! Nigel, you have been a great host and we will be back.
N and LR from Lampeter -  staying with us from 15th to 17th August 2009

Lovely week here. Excellent accommodation, delicious breakfast. Nigel, you are a mine of information about the local area plus Northumberland and Cumbria in general. Thank you so much. We shall not hesitate to recommend Four Wynds to anyone we know who is visiting this delightful part of the UK.
RH and J, RB and RH Senior (aged 93) – Our visit very much enjoyed! 14th August 2009 from Endon, North Staffordshire.

Delicious breakfast heerlyhe yoghurt, geweldige jams, the best so far. Nigel, thank you so much for your hospitable welcome, stories of the past and present. Good luck!
from Y, M and E from Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 7th August 2009

Nigel, you truly made our visit extra special. The food, the conversations, the advice, the afternoon treats and so much more – those are the things that money cannot buy. We cannot thank you enough.
D and A from Hawaii, USA - August 2009

Grazie Nigel per la tua ospitalitá, per l’accoglienza e per averci “salvato” dai mie pasticci nell’organizzazione del viaggio! Incontrarti ha contribuito a rendere questa vacanza ancora più piacevole!! (Thank you, Nigel, for your hospitality, welcome and for having saved me from making mistakes with our route along the Wall! Finding you has meant all the difference to this holiday!!) All the best!
M from Milan, Italy - 3rd August 2009

After a very long walk from Chollerford it has been a special pleasure to find a nice place to rest and even nicer guy to chat with. Thank you very much Nigel.
T from Italy - 3rd August 2009

A really comfortable stay and warm welcome. Wow! What a delicious breakfast….5* food. Thank you Nigel.
The boys from Birmingham - 31st July 2009

Nigel, without a doubt you understand the practical needs of the walker. You have helped us on our way with a comfortable bed, dry clothes and good breakfast. Thank you very much.
M & R from Harrogate - July 19th 2009

Nigel, thank you so much for the excellent accommodation and assistance with our tours of Hadrian’s Wall. It was a very enjoyable experience! Thanks again.
RA from USA  - July 12th 2009

Having undertaken a number of long distance walks – the walk along the crags was the most magnificent and enjoyable day’s walking I have ever experienced.
T.V. from Coventry - 11th July 2009

Thank you so much, Nigel, for such a comfortable stay. It was my best night’s sleep and the best breakfast of our holiday so far. Also the lifts from Caw Gap and to the pub were absolutely invaluable! And not forgetting the afternoon banana cake, which was delicious. Fantastic B&B!
S and R - 7th July 2009

Thank you for a good bed and a wonderful breakfast, and for a good service – driving us to the pub for a good meal and drinks.
The Norwegian Five - 27th June 2009

Thank you for a great evening and a wonderful breakfast.
J, B, L from North Carolina and California - 24th June 2009

Good night’s rest. So kind to give two old girls to the pub and back!
A and P from Kendal, Cumbria - 23rd June 2009

Lovely, friendly place to stay, Nigel is an excellent source of local information. Afternoon cakes especially good! Thank you for a wonderful stay.
SJ from Shrewsbury - 19th June 2009

Thank you for a wonderful evening, grateful for a lift to and from pub. Restful night and great breakfast.
A and L B from Peterborough - 18th June 2009

Very good. Relaxed approach and very helpful.
GC and GO from Shropshire 18th June 2009

Nigel is absolutely friendly, kind and helpful. In addition his bread and coffee are excellent!  
M&H from Mönchengladbach, Germany – June 2009

Enjoyable stay, much appreciated - Nigel’s lift to do a linear walk.
I and D from Epsom 2nd June 2009

Thank you so much…a lovely B&B. Nigel is very welcoming and knowledgeable. We are visiting from the US and love the UK!
E, B  and V - 30th May 2009

The best breakfast ever! Good friendly service.
LM, Canterbury, and AL from Berkhamsted - 29th May 2009

Catherine – you have a real talent in Nigel. Thank you both for your kindnesses.
LD and RH from Brantford, Ontario, Canada - 25th May 2009

Thanks for comfortable stay! You were a great sight to see after our long day’s walking. We wish you all the best with your business. Thanks for everything including the door to door picking up and dropping off!!
P and W, from York, North Yorkshire - 23rd May 2009

Thank you for your kindness and looking after us so well. Good luck with the business. Best wishes.
KS and AR from Leeds – May 2009

Thank you, Nigel, You are the best “taxi driver”, “storyman”, “dogsitter” on the Pennine Way. Thank you for the warm welcome, especially the big towels for our dogs. We slept very well, even our two girls were calm and relaxed.
C and R, from Germany - 19th and 20th May 2009

Tasteful breakfast and a nice place to rest tired legs. Nice hospitality.
12th May 2009 - D and H from Norway

Thanks for being such a genial host, Nigel. Good local food and knowledge, and very hospitable.
S - 15th April 2009

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We have been spoilt rotten and some of us are considering moving in! Excellent food, great local knowledge and advice and even a taxi service. Nigel, you are a legend. Thank you for everything.
A and N and D and E and E and M and H - 13th April 2009

A warm welcome and a comfortable stay. Thanks for all your hospitality.
R and P - 8th April 2009

We’ve had a wonderful stay here! Thank you very much for all the guiding and interesting stories! And having our own private chauffeur was far more than we could have dreamed of with our heavy backpacks! Your organic food was delicious! You’ve made our stay complete! Thanks a lot!
H and I from Norway - 7th April 2009

Very comfortable stay, thank you! Hope we can come back some day. It’s been memorable.
D and H from France - 2nd April 2009

Welcoming and informative – rooms comfortable – so quiet! Thanks.
18th March 2009

Four Wynds was closed during 2008 for B&B Business

Great stay and great evening down at The Greenhead Hotel.
A and LW from Bath - 26th October 2007

Very nice accommodation – very hospitable, good food.
B and U H, from Dundee - 29th September 2007

Thank you for a very hospitable welcome, fantastic brekky too!
V and S - 24th September 2007

Great hospitality – we know more about the local history than we do of our own country – thanks!
B and M and E - 24th September 2007

Great service, very comfortable.
P and J - 23rd September 2007

Made very welcome and so helpful. Thanks for the lift to the local pub.
C - 7th September 2007

Excellent service….thanks very much!!
T and M from NC, USA - 6th September 2007

As above – thanks for everything – especially the lift to the pub!
H and S September 2007

That has to be the best breakfast on the Wall! Perfect attention to detail.
Hear, hear! Definitely a brekky to remember. Thanks.
J and J - 1st September 2007

A very nice and friendly welcome contributed to a lovely stay. Perfect location for exploring the surrounding sights. Looking forward to next year’s trip to Hadrian’s Wall! Thank you, Four Wynds!
The M Family – August 2007

A warm welcome pays back for the chill weather…Here everything is warm, friendly and feels like home (and the mushrooms were wonderful)!!
ER – August 2007

Loved staying here, thank you for being so thoughtful on all levels especially with respect with having children.
D and K - 13th August 2007

Thank you very much for this short trip. The bedroom was nice, the English breakfast was very big but excellent. We enjoyed Saturday night in the pub, with beer and specials. Thank you very much for the information you gave. It is a very interesting place. Nice to meet you. See you soon. 
F and M from France - August 2007

Thanks for a nice room, nice view and breakfast. Nice country to travel in. Looking forward to visiting your country again sometime.  
B and P from Denmark - 2nd August 2007

A nice stop in a good atmosphere. Also after walking through half a day of rain it was like ending up in a bed of roses. Thanks a lot.
T and C - 2nd August 2007

Thanks for all the hospitality – really lovely room with very comfortable beds and snug duvets! Thanks too for sorting out a place to eat and doing the chauffeuring. A really good ‘pit-stop’. Thanks!
C and D de H - 2nd August 2007

Thanks for everything you did to make our holiday easy. Food and accommodation – clean and cosy. Had a great time.
The G clan -30th July 2007

A good base for exploring the area. Very helpful. Thanks.
J - 30th July 2007

Lovely, friendly, clean and helpful. A beautiful place to be. Thanks.
BB - 27th July 2007

I’m so pleased to have discovered Longbyre. Thank you for a welcoming stay with a lovely breakfast. Looking forward to two days walking – I’m sure I’ll be back!
ME – July 2007

Thank you for a wonderful stay and hospitality. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay!
K and JE - July 2007

Thanks for a lovely stay. Great night’s sleep! Great breakfast. Beautiful countryside.
L and C from Basildon - Friday 13th July 2007

Very friendly and helpful. Thanks for recommending the pub, also for the lift.
A and W - 7th July 2007

Haven in a storm. Great room, great food. Thank you. (“Pennine Way Refugee!”)
JM from Manchester - 27th June 2007

Great night’s sleep. Very pleasant stay. Being able to leave the car was a bonus! Very helpful regarding a lift from the station.
C and J C from Preston, Lancashire - 14th June 2007

Literally an oasis in the storm! Thanks for the welcome and pleasant stay.
T and S A from Stratford upon Avon  - June 2007

Thanks for a very pleasant stay. Lovely breakfast. Never had rhubarb and ginger jam before…and the lift to the pub was a great help.
SC from Kent - June 2007

Very enjoyable stay. Thanks. First taste of black pudding (great). Cheers.
BB, from Kent - 11th June 2007

Lovely breakfast, very comfortable room. Thanks.
MH in 2007

Very comfortable, very well looked after. Enjoyable stay.
J and JJ in 2007

Very helpful. Lovely breakfast and comfortable stay. Thanks.
JS and LK - 31st May 2007

Thanks for all your help. You are most definitely service minded!
T and C H, Goddard from Kansas, USA - 2007

Very comfortable stay. Thank you very much!
E and K H from Leavenworth, Kansas, USA - 2007


Hadrian's Wall Trail - 150 yards
Pennine Way - 165 yards
Roman Arrmy Museum - 1 mile
Birdoswald Fort - 2.4 miles
Vindolanda - 7 miles
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